Are you broken?

20140618-205618-75378313.jpgAs I write, it’s Remembrance Sunday, when we honour those who have died for our freedom. The words of Jim Radfords “The Shores of Normandy” (Which you can watch’s beautiful) tell his story of being a young galley boy among that amazing fleet that went to confront our enemies on the 6th June 1944. One verse says…

Now the Empire Larch was a deep-sea tug with a crew of thirty-three,
And I was just the galley-boy on my first trip to sea.
I little thought when I left home of the dreadful sights I’d see,
But I came to manhood on the day that I first saw Normandy.

He sings of men dying among the swirling tides of Normandy. And on that day, seeing the horrors of war as a 15 year old lad, he became a man. He saw the brokenness of the world in all…

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